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Remember tomorrow Small Business Saturday. There are such GREAT small businesses in Agawam, alone, do remember there’s many right in your town and we could .use your business more than those large mall stores!! Here at, we can fill many of your gift-giving needs: Samplers for Hostess Gifts and company, Great in your Gift Baskets, Stocking Stuffers, Corporate Gifts, Hairdressers, Gift Swaps and many other great ideas! Remember our service men & women love them, too and these nuts ship great! Hope to see y’all this Saturday and next week, too.   518.489.9820



Big E – Day 5


I stopped to see Galaxy Girl in action yesterday. The woman (Tina) is absolutely fearless. Climbed up a steel pole  totaling 127ft  (12-13 stories high) and with winds blowing, she made the poles lean even more – yikes! At times, she held on by one bent knee only, then stood at the very top and also did a handstand and other feats.  Brave (or NUTS!!!!!!) Read more on

Today was Connecticut Day and featured some great dance bands and other entertainment.  Come on down and eat LOTS of food, see the Circus and so much more!