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Rumor has it that the recipe for The Nut Lady originated from Joanne's Italian Grandmother's kitchen. The truth of the matter is - does it really matter where it came from? The fact is...they're AWESOME!

Joanne, affectionately referred to as "The Nut Lady," has been making these delicious, "addictive" nuts for family and friends for over 5 years. They were such a hit that she was continually encouraged to sell them to the public so that everyone could enjoy these wonderful cinnamon-enhanced, coated almonds, walnuts and pecans!

Her "fans" consistently rave about how addictive they are - so much, that she decided to add a "caution" label on all the packaging, noting how habit-forming they may become!

In 1999, Several small specialty stores began carrying The Nut Lady products. With a minimum of retail experience, and lots of family support, Joanne ventured into small trade shows. Based on how the nuts were accepted, she realized it was fast becoming a much sought-after product, and her business began to grow rapidly! Realizing her business continues to expand, "The Nut Lady," working with a design team from a local university, created this website.

The Nut Lady Guarantee:
If you're not completely satisfied with this product, return the unused portion
to The Nut Lady for a full refund.

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