Last Craft Show 2013! (Coupon included)


Final Castleberry Event of the Year …

New England Holiday
Craft Spectacular

 December 7 & 8 

Rockingham Park, Salem, NH 


Save $2.00 with this Coupon     Adult Admission $7.00 – Under 12 Free     Limit 6 people per Coupon
One Admission Good for both Days!
Not to be combined with other discounts
December 7 & 8
Show Hours: Saturday 10-5 / Sunday 10-4
14th Annual New England Holiday Craft Spectacular
Rockingham Park Racetrack Rockingham Park Blvd Salem, NH
From I-93 take Exit 1 on Rockingham Park Blvd – Tax-Free NH!



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Big E – Day 5


I stopped to see Galaxy Girl in action yesterday. The woman (Tina) is absolutely fearless. Climbed up a steel pole  totaling 127ft  (12-13 stories high) and with winds blowing, she made the poles lean even more – yikes! At times, she held on by one bent knee only, then stood at the very top and also did a handstand and other feats.  Brave (or NUTS!!!!!!) Read more on

Today was Connecticut Day and featured some great dance bands and other entertainment.  Come on down and eat LOTS of food, see the Circus and so much more!

NUTTY NEWS – September 22, 2013


5 DAYS A WEEK – HAVE SOME NUTS September 2011 Good Housekeeping

No one is really sure why, but people who are nuts about nuts (they eat them at least 5 days a week) live longer than people who eat them infrequently.  That effect seems to be independent of age, race, and whether the nut eaters do or don’t eat meat. Some clues: Nuts are high in “good” monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, including heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

The Nut Lady, LLC sells Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans and Cashews in a light cinnamon-meringue BAKED coating with or without sugar and salt.  They are the BEST on salads, ice cream, yogurt, We ship anywhere, you can order online or pick up some in our Agawam store any time after the Big E ends on September 29.  [Closed Sunday and Monday)  518.489.9820

Big E News – Day 5


Connecticut Day today – Great Bands in several locations. Finally saw Galaxy Girl yesterday afternoon. The woman appears fearless! Tina climbed a pole totaling 127 ft. high and did all kinds of very dangerous feats, like standing on top of a bending pole with winds that would knock most people off their feet on the ground. She did handstands, held on by her knee and twirled by a strap around her neck. Ouch!!  More on  BTW – NO NET of any kind! (NUTS?!!)  Come one down to the fair, pick up some fabulous Nut Lady BAKED nuts and LOTS of other food, check out the circus and other attractions.  The weather has been great! See You Soon!

Big E – Day 4


Fourth Day at Big E and weather held up beautifully over the weekend.  Many people took advantage of sunny skies.  Personally, I found you can see more of the buildings when it’s showering slightly like this morning.  It cleared up and the crowds came rolling in.  Many new exhibits to see, heard the circus was great as always, and the latest food is chocolate-covered frozen bananas rolled in real bacon.  (I may try that if I’m hungry enough one day. How bad could that be?) A new act by Gate 1 is Galaxy Girl who performs at least 2 stories above the ground with NO NET!  I’ll catch that one eventually.  Well….Hope to see you soon.  Make sure you stop by and pick up one of the healthiest snacks (The Nut Lady’s) on the grounds (other than popcorn) LOL